Monday, September 28, 2009

Shopping at Easton...

Last night my husband and I went to Easton Town Centre to attend a performance of “Woodstock: Back to the Garden” being put on by the Shadowbox Cabaret.

I love shopping at Easton Town Centre, but as we don’t go there very often, I sometimes feel like a bit of a country hick looking around in awe at all the new and fabulous stores that seem to crop up in between visits.

Stores like Tiffany’s, Burberry, or Yves Delorme give me a major case of the “Pretty Woman” nerves. You remember the scene don’t you? Julia Roberts shyly walks into a couple high street stores with the intention of buying a beautiful dress with all the cash Edward gave her before leaving for the office. The sales ladies take one look at her in her skimpy off-the-rack not so classy outfit and refuse to give her the time of the day. Since jeans and a comfortable t-shirt or sweatshirt is my usual choice of wardrobe on the weekends, I feel under dressed if I should ever dare set foot in one of these shrines to capitalism. I can sometimes summon the courage if the store is already busy with other shoppers, but I’ll rarely go in if I am the only shopper.

The stores at Easton are all about Customer Service. If no one comes up to you and asks how you are or if you need any help, it must either be Christmas or five minutes before closing, because they’re trained like vultures to quickly flock to entering customers. In most sizeable stores I don’t mind, but fail to see the point of having like 10 sales people milling around when the store is like 500 square feet or less. I think I can find my way around thank you very much. If not, I’m sure I can ask the next sales associate standing only three feet away from you. Are you listening Lego store?

My goal in the usually one hour or less I am given to shop, is to find something not too expensive to bring home, and I usually succeed. Some of these purchases include a couple little wooden boxes shaped like acorns, a journal, and a couple bras. I also like the designer bags every store gives you so you can strut around with your purchases acting as a status symbol. It’s even better if the bags are the reusable type like the orange drawstring bag I got from VSX (Victoria Secret Sports Clothing). It’s a bit too traffic cone orange and crinkly for my liking, but at least easy to carry around since it doubles as a backpack.

Once again, didn’t have time to get to Crate and Barrel or The Container Store, but maybe on my next visit!

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