Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Great Things About this Summer So Far…..

Eating delicious 40 calorie sugar-free fudgesicles
The (only very) occasional low humidity day
Dipping my feet into a kiddie pool
Sitting on the porch swing with my husband
Enjoying outdoor theatre and concerts under the stars
Picking ripe strawberries, tomatoes, and peppers (later I hope)
from my garden
Attending the local Farmer’s Market to buy all the produce, meat,
cheese & baked goods I can carry
Riding my bike around the neighborhood inhaling the smell of peoples’
barbecues, fresh cut grass, and chlorine from the local pool
Watching a fierce thunderstorm from the porch
Picking up bargains at local garage sales (like two wicker/metal chairs
for $10 and several name brand purses for about $1 each)

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Listing of 3526 Wenwood Drives (and one road) in USA:

1) Baton Rouge, LA
2) Greenville, SC (Road)
3) Louisville, KY
4) Goodview, VA
5) Knoxville, TN
6) Massapequa Park, NY
7) North Bellmore, NY
8) East Meadow, NY
9) Glen Head, NY

While looking up my address on Google maps, many times I have noticed a list come up with the same street address as myself (and my husband). I've been curious about this for some time, but only now in the middle of the summer have I decided to take any action on this. I would love to see what everyone's else's house (or whatever kind of dwelling) looks like along with a picture of the owner. I would like to write to each one, but am still working on choosing the right words in order to get 100% cooperation. I will, of course, include a SASE along with my e-mail address in case they prefer to send me a photo digitally. Anybody have any suggestions?