Friday, October 30, 2009

Highlights of October….

Mom and Dad’s visit on the first weekend of the month. Among other things we went out to dinner. The kids were well-behaved; there was wine; food was good (spicy!); couldn’t ask for more. Mom also made the shopping rounds with both me and my sister. We hit a garage sale and craft sale. She took my sister to a new consignment store.

One Friday this month I came home to see I had received a mysterious package (meaning, it wasn’t something I ordered). As soon as I saw on the return address that it was from Fay’s daughter, I immediately knew what was inside. Fay (now deceased for over a year) was a friend of my mom’s parents, and was like my surrogate grandma after both my grandparents died. I had sent her a teddy bear for Christmas every year along with a photo album containing various family photos. Now all these furry little faces were staring back up at me. One by one I picked them up and gave each a hug, and then sat down on the kitchen floor to look through the photo albums. So many happy memories came flooding back, that it was nice to reminisce that way.

Earlier this month I put a second ad (after the first one was unsuccessful) on Craig’s List to try to sell a leaf blower gutter kit we had found in our shed when we were cleaning it out over Labor Day weekend. Since we already have gutter covers and the kit wasn’t compatible with our own blower, we decided to sell it. I previously had three interested parties, but none called me back after their initial e-mail, so I relisted it after the first ad expired.

This time I only got one call from a man who was eager to buy it for his son. Not only did he leave me his cell phone number (to call him in case there was a problem), but he actually showed up to claim the item (a little late, but most everyone is, so I come to expect it). He was really enthusiastic and kept asking me, “Are you sure you want to sell this for only $10?” I hesitated for a moment thinking I wish I had asked for $20, but my husband butted in, “yes, we’re sure. $10 is fine.” He said even if it didn’t fit his son’s blower, he would make it fit with duct tape! I was pleased to see he was so happy, and it was one less thing to clutter up our basement, so I was grateful for that too.

A couple weeks ago I took a one night class at the Upper Arlington Senior Center which was an introduction to the science of Enneagrams. Actually, I don’t know if it’s really a “science,” per se, but it’s a school of thought which proposes that there’s nine different personality types. You can take any of several different multiple choice tests to determine which of the nine you are (though if you read the summaries for each one, it might be obvious just from that). Even though my test results indicated I was a Type 2 or “The Helper,” I am really more of a Type 4, or “The Individual” personality (which was my second highest result). I have since checked out one of the books that was recommended reading by our instructor (though I haven’t started reading it yet).

Yesterday an older lady stopped in wanting directions to her heart doctor in Dublin. Fortunately it was somewhere I was sort of familiar with, and I was able to print out a map to give her, along with some simple instructions. She was forever grateful for my help and wished me all manner of good things on her way out. I can certainly use all the positive karma I can get! [Fingers crossed she got there, or at least close enough to ask someone else directions].

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Wii Fit Milestone...

Yesterday I hit a milestone. According to the very happy Piggy Bank on our Wii Fit, I have completed my Tenth hour of training. If I am at all representative of other Wii Fit users out there, no wonder we’re an overweight nation. Having only owned the Wii Fit for about 10 months, and usually only putting in a half hour at a time, that works out to only 20 training sessions over 10 months (or 2 a month for those who can’t do simple math). However, I should probably add, that some of the time when I am not using the Wii Fit, I am either using the stationary bike in our basement, or at the gym, so I’m not a complete slacker.

There are many reasons why I don’t exclusively use the Wii Fit: For one thing, I have to share the Wii with my husband. Also, since it’s located in our family room, I am often interrupted by our cat passing through, and it’s not in a very private location. Probably most importantly, the exercises do tend to get boring and tedious. On the upside, I have certainly learned a lot about Yoga (enough to know I don’t really fancy taking a class in it).

In order to alleviate this problem, I have just added to my Wish List the Wii Fit Plus, which is apparently 15 more games to “stimulate” you while also giving you a work out. I also see that there’s an EA Sports Active trainer and some variations on that as well. However, I think I’ll stick to the Wii Fit Plus and see how that works out, in conjunction with using my stationary bike and gym membership too.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Movies I Currently Relate to...

These last few weeks I have to admit I would be sorely tempted if I had a remote control I could use to fast forward through quite a lot of it. Maybe you remember that 2006 movie called “Click” starring Adam Sandler. I thought it was an excellent film and certainly made a good point, though it wasn't the first time I was ever told not to “wish away the day.”

I know we should treasure the few special quiet moments we have each day – like giving our cat a tummy rub or curling up with my husband while watching TV in the evening. However, it's those other eight hours away from home that often consumes my thoughts.

While we're talking about movies I can very much identify with at the moment, “Multiplicity” would be another. In this film, Michael Keaton clones himself several times in order to sort of split the work load. If I thought I could get away with it without freaking out other people, I would be tempted to send a clone to work while I stayed home and put my feet up (while another clone did all the house work).

Of course my two favorite movies about the trials and tribulations of work have to be “9 to 5” and “Office Space.” Fortunately I don't have a boss as bad as either of the two depicted in those films.

Well, it's almost the weekend, so I suppose I can hold out for a couple more days.