Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Movies I Currently Relate to...

These last few weeks I have to admit I would be sorely tempted if I had a remote control I could use to fast forward through quite a lot of it. Maybe you remember that 2006 movie called “Click” starring Adam Sandler. I thought it was an excellent film and certainly made a good point, though it wasn't the first time I was ever told not to “wish away the day.”

I know we should treasure the few special quiet moments we have each day – like giving our cat a tummy rub or curling up with my husband while watching TV in the evening. However, it's those other eight hours away from home that often consumes my thoughts.

While we're talking about movies I can very much identify with at the moment, “Multiplicity” would be another. In this film, Michael Keaton clones himself several times in order to sort of split the work load. If I thought I could get away with it without freaking out other people, I would be tempted to send a clone to work while I stayed home and put my feet up (while another clone did all the house work).

Of course my two favorite movies about the trials and tribulations of work have to be “9 to 5” and “Office Space.” Fortunately I don't have a boss as bad as either of the two depicted in those films.

Well, it's almost the weekend, so I suppose I can hold out for a couple more days.

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