Monday, January 23, 2012

3 Horoscopes for the New Year:

Not that I am someone who regularly checks her horoscope (only when I am reading Columbus Alive and The Other Paper), but I thought it would be fun to see what advice they had for me for the new year. By the way, I am a Pisces.

1) Go ahead and make that resolution to live a healthier life. Consider pulling together a few friends or family members and make a date to skate, play ball, or exercise together.

2) One of Alexander the Great's teachers was Aristotle, who was tutored by Plato, who himself learned from Socrates. In 2012, I'd love to see you draw vital information and fresh wisdom from a lineage as impressive as that, Pisces. In my astrological opinion, you need much more than a steady diet of factoids plucked from the Internet and TV. You simply must be hungry for more substantial food for thought than you get from random encounters with unreliable sources. It will be time for you to attend vigorously to the next phase of your life-long education.

3) This weekend you are meant to formulate your dreams for the future. While giving and receiving gifts is lovely, the chance to plant the seed of your ideal life comes only once a year. Santa can bring you a camera, but only you can decide what you want to capture with it. Wednesday is a perfect day for listening to (and singing along with) your heart. Turn off the I-Pod and make your own music.

So, how have I followed their advice so far? Like most other people, I always resolve to eat healthier. As you read in my previous post, I've decided to try not to eat more than a single piece (or two) of chocolate for dessert when I am at home. Otherwise, I find it too easy to open the cupboard and graze on whatever's in front of me, especially later in the week. I am going to exercise more willpower here. I'm not much for team sports, so no plans to do anything physical with the family. However, I did enroll in a Tap Dancing class, in which I share the floor with several other ladies (and one man!). It's a decent enough work out when you're tapping your way across the floor. Not only are the steps harder than they look, it's also difficult at times, to tap hard enough to make a sound. However daunting all this might be, I haven't given up yet, and plan to see it through to the end (by the end of Feb.).

As far as finding someone to further enlighten and educate me, until Oprah agrees to be my own personal guru and spiritual advisor, I'm still on the lookout for that person. In the meantime, I try to listen to my mother and my doctor, and even occasionally my husband : P

My dreams for the future....

To have a big enough house that I either have a walk-in closet, or enough spare rooms to convert one of them.

To publish a book, become rich and famous with no pressure to make every book an instant bestseller, and no pressure to write all the time. Oh, and to also have a Golden Retriever lying at my feet while I write, just like Dean Koontz.

To star in a hit movie - the kind that people will always look back on fondly. I'll be happy knowing I was part of it, and that it will be my legacy.

To be a famous photographer with photographs permanently on display at all the big museums around the world.

Okay, so some of these goals are more attainable than others, but if they were all easy, they wouldn't necessarily be dreams.

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