Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Things that TV and Movies have Spoiled for Me….

X-Files alone has a lot to answer for! (though I can only think of 2 things at the moment).

Whenever I am at a stoplight I think of that episode where two policeman are in the car with a prisoner in the backseat who says something about “cerulean blue” making the cop think the light has changed, causing him to accelerate and then get smashed into by two other cars.

Whenever I am sweeping up dirt I think of that episode where they thought a lady had the disease called “Pica,” where people will eat harmful or disgusting things because of some malfunction of the brain that causes them to do that.

Dr. Who isn’t completely blameless either….

Angels. Thanks to Dr. Who, I can no longer look at a statue of an angel without wondering whether or not it will move (and stalk me) once I turn my back.

Gas Masks. Thanks to Dr. Who, whenever I am watching or reading something about life in the 1940’s (esp. in Britain), and I see a gas mask, I can’t help but ask, “Are you my mummy?”


Walking in the Woods. Thanks to the movie, “The Blair Witch Project,” I no longer enjoy peaceful walks in the woods (at least not in the autumn, on a cloudy day), and rarely do so alone. I never much fancied camping in the woods before, and I definitely don’t now!

Minor Concerns, but nonetheless…

Leeches/Rivers. Thanks to the movie, “Stand By Me,” I can no longer wade in a river without wondering if leeches or some other insect will (unbeknownst to me) attach itself to me draining my blood in a most painful way.

Swimming in a large lake/ocean. Not that I was too keen on ever doing this before, but after seeing “Jaws” I’m even more reluctant now (this is a long standing childhood fear).

Showering. I still do shower, but occasionally think of “Psycho.”

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