Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Who would be your literary BFF?

A few weeks ago, this was the topic of a blog I subscribe to (and have mentioned before) called MWF seeking BFF (Married White Female seeking Best Female Friend). I thought it was an intriguing concept, so I took the bait, and here's my answers:

I always liked the trio of roommates in the Canby Hall book series: Dana-independent city girl, Faith-determined and practical, and Shelley-naive, small town girl. Since Faith was a photographer, I would probably enjoy hanging out with her, but Dana sounds like a lot of fun. I probably have the most in common with Shelley, but as I’m determined to shed that small town girl past, I think I probably wouldn’t hang out with her. I seem to recall the character of Casey, who was somewhat of a rebellious “bad girl,” whom I’m sure I’d probably get into trouble with at least once.

I probably could have very easily been friends with any of the characters in any of Judy Blume’s books, Summer Sisters being my favorite. That is the ultimate book about the bond of female friendship.

Beverly Cleary’s “Sheila” character reminds me so much of myself at her age that I probably could have been her friend too.

I agree that Bridget Jones would be fun to go drinking with to wallow in our misery. Plus, she used to work in publishing, which is something I’ve dreamed about from time to time. I think it’s great that she can fail, and just pull herself back up, get over it, and move on.

I went through a phase where I was interested in being a private detective, but not sure I would have been brave enough to be Nancy Drew’s sidekick. Saying that, didn’t Bess used to be a little bit of a coward? That would definitely be me!

I almost hate to admit that I read chick lit, but I really enjoy the Shopaholic book series written by Sophie Kinsella. Rebecca sounds like she would be a great shopping sister, but I tend to go more for second hand stuff rather than expensive high end goods (Prada, Louis Vitton, etc.) like she does. That’s not to say I don’t sometimes have label envy and desire to flaunt my wealth (if I had any), but I don’t tend to.

I also hate to admit how much like Hermione Granger I was while growing up (enjoying my time in the library and always had my nose in a book), so I definitely could have been friends with her. It also doesn’t hurt that she was friends with Ron and Harry, so I could have been part of the “In” crowd for once.

I think it would have been fun to be friends with a Princess, like Mia in the Princess Diaries book series. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I’ve read one or two (maybe three, but that’s it!). I never really cared much for her friend Lilly, who seemed a little too obsessive with things, but to her credit, didn’t seem in awe of her friend as much as I would have.

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