Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Anniversary to me (us)!

Today is my 13th anniversary. As anniversaries go, it’s been okay so far. Being a Monday, both my husband and I have to go to work since neither of us has enough vacation days to warrant taking the day off.

Weather-wise it’s been okay too since it’s not a typical sweltering summer day. It’s been mostly cloudy and only about 75 degrees, so a bit unseasonal really.

Unfortunately we share an anniversary with the 1998 Northern Ireland Omagh bombing in which the splinter group, the Real Irish Republic Army, car-bombed a busy shopping area and killed 29 people. At least it didn’t put a damper on our wedding day since we only found out about it afterwards.

Another historical anniversary we share is the first day of Woodstock. Both of us being fans of the music and the musicians that played there, can certainly appreciate this milestone event.

As usual, we’ll probably just go out to dinner. We also have a special bottle of champagne in our fridge we received at a company post-Christmas party. My ideal would be to (go to bed early since I’m feeling a bit sleep-deprived) curl up on the couch with our glasses of champagne and watch a dvd we both enjoy and call it a day.

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