Sunday, August 7, 2011


Over the last year or so I worked with a young female colleague who was fresh out of college and only 24 years old (young enough to be my daughter, and I definitely mothered her at times). On Friday I had to say goodbye to her as she recently got engaged, her lease was up, and she decided to part ways to set out for greener pastures so-to-speak. Before leaving for the day, I told her I was so happy for her and also envious of all the 'Firsts' she had yet to experience. Being 41 and married for almost 13 years now, my husband and I have already gotten most of our 'Firsts' out of the way, and am somewhat sad that our young, naïve, student years are now behind us.

Looking back on some of our 'Firsts,' there was the time we First traveled around the UK together. That was certainly a good test of our patience towards one another, and I'd say we passed with flying colors. However, at that point we would usually go dutch since we weren't yet married, so I was allowed as many souvenirs as I could carry (now I get a dirty look if I eye yet another book or t-shirt).

Then there was our First house together (in Gloucester). Although we only rented, it still felt like home, and I was quite happy in our first semi-detached (house). It had a nice little kitchen/dining room and adjoining living room. The bedrooms were a decent size and one even had a Beatrix Potter-style mural.

One of the other big 'Firsts' was the first time my family visited us in England. That was the first time I cooked dinner for them as a married woman, and the first time I showed them around my town, and demonstrated the British way of doing things. It is definitely one of my happiest memories.

After moving back to America there were more Firsts, like the first car we bought together and both drove – a Toyota Corolla. Then there was our First house purchased together. That was definitely a big one – which led to other Firsts, like first time we painted a room together, first time we argued about who should do the landscaping work, first time we called a repairman, etc.

I think we'll both cherish the memory of our First pet together, a precious (and precocious!) feline named Tamsin (after Tamsin Greig, one of my fav. British actresses). She's like our four-legged, fur-covered spoiled child, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

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