Thursday, May 19, 2011

511 Things Only Women Understand

I recently purchased a funny book at a charity rummage sale called 511 Things Only Women Understand (by Lorraine Bodger). In this comprehensive guide, I came across the following that I feel particularly apply to me.

• That finding a pair of perfectly fitting jeans approaches having a religious experience.

• Buying that perfect t-shirt in 5 different colors.

• The thrill of a bra that fits perfectly.

• How you can have a closet stuffed to the walls and still not have anything to wear.

The first three are pretty self-explanatory, but I feel some elaboration is necessary on why having a full closet isn’t always a good thing. Every now and again a woman will have a function to attend that calls for just the right item whether it be a cute, sexy top or more formal business attire. She has a picture in her head of the perfect article of clothing, and sometimes that item can’t be found in her current wardrobe, calling for a trip to the mall (since most of the time you need it in a hurry and mail order simply won’t do!).

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