Friday, February 11, 2011

Ohio is an unhealthy state

News on today:

Top Ten List of States with the Deadliest Eating Habits

8. Ohio

Grocery Stores Per 1,000 Residents: 0.18 (45th)
Amount Spent on Fast Food Per Capita: $622 (20th least)
Gallons of Soft Drinks Purchased Per Capita: 70 (11th most)
Pounds of Sweet Snacks Purchased Per Capita: 122 (10th most)
Because a large part of Ohio's poor population is located in major urban centers like Cleveland and Cincinnati, the state ranks well in regards to access to grocery stores among the poor. However, the state ranks third-worst in store availability across all income classes at 0.18 locations per 1,000 people, compared to 0.6 in first place North Dakota. Ohio's population has the 11th-greatest consumption of soft drinks, and top-10 highest consumption of both sweet snacks and solid fats. As a result of these poor diets, Ohio has an adult diabetes occurrence of over 10%, which is the 11th-worst rate in the country.

I’m not surprised by this. Having previously read that Ohio is one of the unhealthiest states when it comes to the amount of overweight people, this wasn’t news to me. Maybe it has something to do with sports. Clevelanders could be forgiven for wanting to drown their sorrows in a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s after pounding back a few Budweisers. Down here in Columbus, fans eat to celebrate when tailgating, during a game and after a game. Of course there are also the occasional disappointments (in which case, we keep right on eating).

Speaking for myself, I definitely don’t have the healthiest eating habits, but I’m not exactly pounding back the burgers either. I have a sweet tooth and a weakness for a small amount of chocolate after meals (lunch and dinner). I try to watch my cholesterol since it’s usually borderline, and I just try to eat bad things in moderation.

I go to the gym on and off and I have my own stationary bike in the basement, which I do try to use on days I don’t go to the gym (that or use my Wii Fit). As a result, I am usually able to keep my weight in check (with a low of 113 to a high of 118).

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