Monday, January 10, 2011

THXTHXTHX: a thank you note a day

As a tribute to one of my favorite blogs ( I thought I'd write a few of my own Thank You notes.

Dear package addressed to my co-worker’s cat,

Thanks for letting me sign for and deliver you to my co-worker. The fact that you were intended for a cat really made my day.

Dear basement,

Thanks for being there when I need to store some of my “junk.” I will try to spend more time with you in the future instead of only coming down to dump more stuff.

Dear NBC and CBS,

Thanks for showing new episodes of all my favorite shows last week. I missed them over the Christmas holiday and it was like seeing old friends again.

Dear Fridays,

Thanks for being there every week. I know everyone probably says this, but you really rock and you’re the reason I get up every Monday.

Dear candy-filled tin in the kitchen cupboard,

Thanks for always being at least half full and delivering so much chocolately goodness. You make these dark winter days at least somewhat tolerable.

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