Thursday, December 30, 2010

Favorite Movies I saw in 2010

At the cinema:
Up in the Air” much preferred it to the book, which was completely different and quite depressing actually.
Inception” reminded me of several movies, but quite clever all the same.
Never Let Me Go” sad, but great plot!
Nowhere Boy” found it quite interesting, esp. about how John Lennon met Paul when they were teens.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” getting a bit dark, but still a must see; favorite scene was when Harry & Hermione danced in the tent one night.
The King’s Speech” definitely favorite movie of the year, so much so that I’d quite like to own it on dvd.

On dvd:
Departures” (dvd) Japanese movie about a man who becomes an undertaker and how he comes to grips with the somberness of the job; excellent film, and very moving, a real tear-jerker.
Roman Holiday” (dvd) an old film by today’s standards, but hasn’t lost any of its charm, and it’s nice as a travelogue back to 1950’s Rome.
Dan in Real Life” (dvd) I enjoyed the family camaraderie in this film.
Angels and Demons” (dvd) I liked all the Roman scenery and many plot twists, but it is quite disturbing in parts.
Mid August Lunch” (dvd) A sweet, funny little film about a man who takes care of a bunch of old ladies for the August Bank Holiday – some of the ladies don’t particularly want to be taken care of.
The Bucket List” (dvd) This is a fun movie because it makes one ponder their own Bucket List.

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