Friday, May 7, 2010

My Philosophy of Packing vs. Rick Steves

As my husband and I prepare to undergo yet another vacation, the age-old quandary looms – what to pack???

Thanks to Rick Steves’ “Essential Packing Checklist” included in our Italy (and probably all) guidebook, I don’t have to face that dilemma. However, I do beg to differ about some points. Being a man, I don’t expect he could/should tell a woman what to pack.

5 shirts – depending on how long I am travelling, I might pack more or less, but if I had to, I’m sure I could survive on that many. I try to mix it up with different sleeve lengths, usually plain, or at least nothing offensive or anything that screams, “I’m just a hick from the Midwest!” I also try to select shirts that I may not have been previously photographed in so that it looks like I have a diverse (or at least well-packed) wardrobe.

1 sweater or lightweight fleece jacket – again, I might pack more than that, but could probably survive on one or the other. I prefer zip-up sweatshirts, but that’s just me.

2 pairs pants (or trousers if you’re European) – I would probably choose two pairs of jeans, and maybe one pair of “dressy pants,” but he’s pretty much right on the money here.

1 pair shorts – Depending on how hot it is wherever I’m travelling, might want more than that (and we found out the hard way a couple times).

1 swimsuit (for women only since he suggests men can get by with shorts) – I usually end up packing it to use in the hotel pool, but then never end up actually using it, so it stays home.

5 pairs underwear and socks – he doesn’t seem to mind washing things out or going to a Laundromat, but since these are relatively small items, I usually bring at least one pair for each day we’re on vacation.

1 pair of shoes – I almost always end up bringing at least 3 pair. I pack two pair of walking shoes, and then a pair that can be worn with a dress or skirt. I also have a pair of water proof shoes (that I wouldn’t wear at any other time since they make my feet sweat) I sometimes throw in for soggy days.

1 rain proof jacket – a definite necessity!

tie or scarf – I wear neither and we usually don’t go places requiring that strict a dress code, so both would be left out for us.

Everything else on the list is non-clothing related, and fairly sensible.

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