Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Having subscribed to this blog: (MWF Seeking BFF) has made me think about what I would want in a new friend, so I came up with this ad:


Looking for someone in which to share a casual friendship. Must live within about a 10-15 mile radius. Must share at least some of the same likes and hobbies (see below). Must not have children.* Must be a good listener and must not always insist on solving every one of my problems. Must be available for the occasional lunch or dinner or other social activity (of which I will call well in advance whenever possible).

* Not wishing to sound selfish, but it’s hard enough to coordinate schedules without having to compete with family members as well. Plus, I want to hear about you, not your children, which tends not to be the case with those who are parents.


Must like to take photos or be patient while I do so. Must like animals (having your own pets optional). Must like to read. Must like some of the same TV programs (no reality TV please!), and must like to see movies. Must like chocolate and the occasional glass of wine. Must like to go shopping, or not mind being dragged around the mall. Must like to travel.

Am I being too rigid here? I figure it doesn’t hurt to shoot for the moon, and hope for the best!

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