Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What I REALLY WANT for Christmas….

First of all, for the meager few who actually read this blog, I just want to say ahead of time, that I will be grateful for whatever I receive for you from Christmas, including your presence, which is just as important if not more so to me. However, in this rush up to the holidays, many things have become painfully clear to me.

1) There is never enough time to do everything. Actually that’s true all the time, but especially at the holidays when things seem to speed up the day after Thanksgiving. Hence, I would like the gift of TIME. I would prefer it in 24 hour intervals, but would gladly accept 12 hours or even 4 if that’s all I could get. In return you get my insanity and eternal gratitude.

2) Courage. Unlike the cowardly lion, I’m not afraid of Cairn Terriors (Toto), though I don’t much care for the breed. Most of my fears come out once I’m behind the wheel. Ohio winters don’t thrill me, nor do busy freeways, or traveling to unfamiliar places. Therefore, I could use a little injection of courage please.

3) Focus and Follow-through. Just ask my husband. How many projects do I start and not finish? I have big ambitions, but little energy when it comes to seeing them to fruition. I can blame life all I want, but what I really need are the two F’s mentioned above. I think I also need to whittle down the list to a more manageable size. Do less, but do it better. Perhaps it's the quality rather than the quantity that's important.

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