Monday, December 14, 2009

My Holiday Gripes

If this were being written by my husband I think he’d say putting up Christmas lights, sending cards, buying presents, making Christmas desserts, and definitely Christmas music and TV specials (so pretty much everything, but he’s an atheist, so what do you expect?)

Trying to get in and out of parking lots. I don’t object to having to park far away. In fact, that’s preferred because there’s less chance of someone dinging your car and it’s usually easier to get in and out. I hate the people who sit and wait for your parking spot while others car are forced to sit in the traffic queue building up behind them.

The holiday TV viewing schedule. It annoys me how TV Channels show all their holiday specials during the first two weeks of the month and then nothing but crap for the rest of the month. Some of us are so busy with holiday chores that we often don’t have time to sit down and enjoy TV until the second half of the month. Thank goodness for DVR!

Special holiday deals and free shipping. Stores that keep coming up with better and better offers and free shipping once you’ve finished your shopping. It’s like buying something and seeing it go on sale the next day. This system seems to reward last minute shoppers while “spanking” those who are actually organized enough to get it done early.

Long lines at the post office. All post offices should be fully staffed at the counter at all times (especially at lunch time!) to help cut down on the long lines. Also, if you’re coming in to apply for a passport, for the sake of the rest of us, please do that as early in the day as possible, or better yet, do it prior to December. You’ll save a lot of ugly looks from annoyed customers behind you in line. If you’re coming in to pick up mail, don’t. Why not just have the mailman deliver it straight to you? Post offices - Maybe you could come up with a better system, like having different lines for different needs to streamline things a bit.

Christmas cards with glitter. Yes, glittery Christmas cards are pretty and magical and all that crap, but mostly they’re just annoying when they spill out their little gift everywhere. Glitter is one of those things that seems to linger for months, even long after most pine needles.

The Must-Have Toy of the Year. This is especially disappointing when it turns out to be complete and utter crap. Last year it was the Sliders game. Bidding wars were fought on E-bay for this winner (which likely hasn’t been played since last Christmas). Even worse are the people who wait outside on Black Friday to buy the maximum amount of an item just so they can flog it on E-bay for a profit. May those people rot in retail hell!

Charities Coming out of the Woodwork. I enjoy buying stuff for and donating to charities, but I never feel like I’ve done enough. Just when I think I’ve finished writing my last check, a new charity pops up. I guess you just need to draw up a budget and stick to it.

Not knowing what to buy people. Some people are easier than others. For those of you who have it all and don’t want anything, what are your favorite charities? Come on and help us out. We’re not all mind readers you know!

Office Parties/Lunches/Dinners. Depending on the company you work for, these can either be fun or dismal. Long live David Brent and his charity dance on THE ORIGINAL “The Office” Christmas special.

The inequity of Christmas. I know it’s the thought that counts, but what do you do if either someone gives you something and you accidentally overlooked them (or the other way around)? Or what do you do if either the gift you give or receive is outclassed by what the other person gave/received? I know you’re supposed to just shut up and pretend not to notice, but it’s still the elephant in the room. My mother hates it when people either spend too much on her (when she knows they can’t afford to) or get her something when she hasn’t bought them anything.

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