Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Harry Potter" comes to town...

Last night my husband and I went to see a movie at one of our local cinemas and noticed a queue forming of eager fans who wanted to be the first to see the next installment of “Harry Potter” when it opened at midnight.

Not surprisingly, most of the people in line looked to be somewhere between maybe 15 and 25 (hence, may not have to get up and go to work the next day). Some were in regular clothes, while many were dressed either in capes and pointy hats or in a Hogwarts school uniform (just the girls). One could be forgiven for thinking that the group were on their way to a convention. Yes, “Harry Potter” conventions do exist, as I recently read somewhere. Remembering back to a couple summers ago, I think there were more people in line for the movie today than for the last book release, but it was still early when we walked by.

Part of me wanted to join them in their anticipation as everyone seemed to be in high spirits. The night was warm and not too humid making it perfect weather to stand outside for hours.

My husband and I, both children of the 70’s, tried to remember any movies which we were that excited about seeing. The only films we could think of was the “Star Wars” trilogy or maybe “E.T.” later on in the 80’s. Even then, none of those had people queuing up overnight, or were based on a book, so it’s really like comparing apples and oranges.

Kids today are fortunate to be able to participate in these momentous events in the history of pop culture, which they probably take for granted. Those of us who are older and wiser know that we’ve never seen anything like it and probably never will again.

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