Monday, March 16, 2009

Notes to Past Self...

Try not to fall too hard (in love) your first time. It’s hard advice to take, but it will hurt less if you remember that it’s just puppy love.

Be your own person with your own interests. It’s fine to explore new hobbies in the interest of a man, but you don’t have to fake enthusiasm just to please them.

Maybe re-think your selection of college courses to minimize the amount of classes that either won’t transfer or you’ll have to drop later. Choose a different teacher for your English 300 class! She goes on sick leave halfway through the class; you never finish your paper and end up flunking (which creates problems down the line when you transfer to Kent State).

Try to choose a more definite career to avoid all the dead-end jobs you’ll be stuck with for what is now going on 15 years (although some of the jobs have at least been somewhat interesting).

Buy Microsoft stock while it’s still cheap!

Take more notes. You’ll thank me later when you go to write that first book.

6/10/07 Either skip your ice skating class or go a different way to avoid your car accident.

That's all the advice I can think of for now.

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