Friday, February 27, 2009

Forgive me father for I have sinned….

Day 3 and I've already fallen off the wagon.

I ate half a donut this afternoon. I am going to eat chicken for dinner tonight, and I haven’t gotten in two days on the exercise bike or one day on the Wii Fit.

I have somewhat valid excuses for my lapse. Since I knew I was going to blow it with dinner tonight, I figured I may as well blow it big, so I went ahead and ate the donut (it was delicious!). The reason I am having chicken for dinner is because my husband made a sort of chicken mushroom stew on Tuesday. Neither of us ate very big portions the first time. In spite of eating quite a lot of the leftovers last night, there is still one portion left. My husband already has other leftovers that need to be consumed, and it’s already been in the fridge for three nights and reheated twice, so it’s now or never. I think it’s a bigger sin to waste food than to eat meat (on Fridays) during Lent. I promise to abstain (from meat, etc.) tomorrow instead.

The reason for not getting in two nights on the exercise bike is I was busy partaking of another form of exercise on Wednesday night : ) and had a class to rush off to last night (didn’t get home until about 9pm). Yes, there’s still tonight to repent, so we’ll see.

I have much higher hopes for next week!

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