Monday, September 22, 2008

Things I Miss...

On Friday I was reading the Bath Chronicle (the paper from where I used to live in the UK) on-line when I came across Bob Jenkins' column entitled, "Look Back in Langour."

It inspired me to compile my own list of things I miss which includes the following:

Campbell's meatball alphabet soup
different flavors of Tang
orange flavored chapstick
strawberry flavored Twinkies
chocolate Nutrigrain bars (we just don’t get them here in the US)
Pasta Bake Sauce and Chicken Tonight sauces (same reason as above)

According to Jenkins, “Trouble is, things can disappear suddenly and we don't have the chance to stock up.”

That kind of reminds me of the “Seinfeld” episode (entitled "The Sponge") where Elaine's favorite form of birth control was soon to be discontinued, so she went and bought up the remaining stock at a local store. Not wishing to use it up frivolously, she had men take a test to see if they were “sponge worthy.”

Other things I miss...

living in Bath where I could bump into celebrities while doing my daily shopping, and watching countless hot air balloons in the night sky

the days before I had to count calories and cholesterol

favorite stores like Fisher’s Big Wheel, Gold Circle, Burrow’s, Joseph Horne’s, The Video Station, etc.

having a proper summer vacation instead of a measly two weeks to try and cram a year’s worth of fun into

buying books off the Weekly Reader pages we got at school (now I just buy them off of

the excitement of waiting all week for your favorite TV program to be shown (now we just tape them with our DVR)

the days when late night TV (I miss Johnny!) was worth staying up for

the days when all those programs on “Nick at Night” and “TV Land” were aired for the first time before they became the classics of today

the days when going to see a movie was a big deal – whether it be at the drive-in or one of those classic old cinemas with only one screen and red plush velvet curtains and padded seats

eating at either McDonalds or Longo’s sometimes after attending Saturday night mass (during the days when eating fast food was a treat and not a daily occurrence)

the days before any of my friends and siblings had children when we could just hang out as adults (not that there's anything wrong with children, but sometimes it would be nice to have more quality time with just the adults)

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