Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Anniversary of the Day I Signed My Life Away...

Today is the third anniversary of the signing of the mortgage in our first ever house purchase. Although we were handed the keys that day, we didn’t officially move in for maybe a couple weeks since we wanted to do a little DIY (like rip down the wallpaper and repaint the master bedroom and ensuite bathroom) in the house first.

Three years on we are quite happy in the house and haven’t really done much redecorating (though we did repaint one of the spare bedrooms). We still have plans to rip out the wallpaper and paint our downstairs guest bathroom. Part of the reason for selecting the house was because it didn’t need much redecorating.

Another reason for choosing the house, really the biggest reason, is because it has loads of character – partly because of its age (it was built in the late 60’s), and partly because it’s tri-level (which means we get lots of exercise going up and down all the stairs). Did I mention that we also have two fireplaces, a Jacuzzi tub (a pretty crappy one though), and a hot tub (which we hardly ever use).

Like most people we have a living room and a family room (which we call our den). Up until this year we hardly ever used the den. However, now that we have a high definition TV in our living room, and the old TV with our Nintendo Wii hooked up to it in the den, we find ourselves splitting our time between the two rooms.

Any regrets? None really, but I wish our real estate agent would have reminded us that older houses naturally need more maintenance. Aside from the usual repainting/touch up work, I expect we may have to do things like replace some of the bathroom fixtures, and replace (upgrade!) most of the inside doors. We also need to have work done on both fireplaces due to aging of the mortar inside them.

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