Friday, October 8, 2010

Things that have recently made me laugh....

Last week's episode of "Top Gear." Jeremy Clarkson, the tallest member of the trio that currently host the popular BBC car show, was doing a segment where he had to drive a Reliant (3-wheeled car) from point A to B somewhere in Britain. Although it was a relatively short distance, due to the instability of the car and the fact that Jeremy likes to take corners rather fast, he kept tipping over (and lucky for him local celebrities always seemed to be around to push his car back over). Since he never got hurt, it was all in good fun and laugh out loud funny.

Last night's episode of "Big Bang Theory." Mayim Bialik was hilarious playing Sheldon's new 'not girlfriend' that Penny nicknamed "Shamey." Even funnier was when Leonard called Sheldon's mom, played by the always funny Laurie Metcalf (of "Roseanne" fame). She's probably my favorite guest star on that show (right after Wil Wheaton of course!)

One of my co-workers telling me that they were making up a rumour about another co-worker losing all his money in Vegas and trying to hitch a ride home. Even though this was a most unlikely scenario, I could still picture it playing out, and I admit it brought a smile to my face.

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