Tuesday, August 17, 2010


With the autumn TV season just on the horizon, I thought it was time to plug some of my favorite returning programs.


Antiques Roadshow – love the stories, esp. when they say they bought the item for a pittance and it turns out to be quite profitable; also love the Feedback Booth at the end.
Big Bang Theory – Sheldon. You’re too funny and you make me feel less neurotic!
How I Met Your Mother – yeah, so it’s like a rehash of “Friends;” it’s a chance to live vicariously through some young New Yorkers who have a slightly more exciting life than me.
Modern Family – absolutely love the two gay guys. They totally make the show for me.
Parenthood – Even though I’m not a parent, nor do I have plans to become one, these are likeable enough characters that it’s easy to relate to them on one level or another.
The Middle – kind of funny and makes you feel better about your own family and childhood.


Dr. Who – the doctor is fairly charismatic, as is his sidekick; plus the stories are interesting and sometimes leave you on the edge of your seat.
Get it Sold – I love watching people’s diamond in the rough (their house) get polished and then sold.
Graham Norton – Graham is funny and a lot less annoying than Jonathan Ross when he interviews people.
Hot in Cleveland Рokay, so perhaps a bit clich̩ at times, Betty White totally makes that show for me with her dry wit and stinging one-liners.
House Hunters – it’s nice to see what choices those in a higher (usually) economic bracket have and especially funny when it’s Americans buying overseas. “That’s quaint, but why are the rooms so small?” (said while scrunching up their noses).
Top Gear – I watch it mainly for the challenges they do from time to time which never fail to be amusing as well as thought-provoking (what car would I buy with only a $1000 budget?)
The Unselleables – Sophie Allsop, sister of Kirstie (familiar to those of us in the UK as the co-host of “Location, Location, Location”) hosts this show and it’s fun to watch her gently scold careless (or just plain ignorant) homeowners for failing to make much effort to sell their homes.

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