Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Great Quotes

“The world’s cities will be our home. Come tour with me.”
“That’s how I proposed.”

-- said by the character, Diago, during an excerpt from the exposition of the film “Departures”

“It’s Not Worth the Fight.”

-- quote from and the theme of an episode of ABC’s “The Middle.”

“That’s too many grandparents!”

-- 3½ yr. old Carter’s response when being told all 6 of his grandparents, plus one great grandparent, would be attending his sister’s birthday party.

One day my cousin Cheryl was driving down I-270 with her two young (18 mos. & 3½ yrs. old) daughters and they saw the Budweiser plant puffing smoke out of its smoke stacks. Cheryl asked her older daughter, “Where does smoke come from?” Her daughter thought about it for a minute and answered, “Cooking!” Cheryl tried not to be offended since she doesn’t think she burns too many things in the kitchen.

One day my kindergarten-age nephew had to write a little report about how he’d spent his time over Christmas break. Among other things, he wrote, “I played on the (Nintendo) Wii.” My sister and her husband questioned him about it because he actually played very little on the Wii, and instead spent more time on their (Sony) Playstation. His reply, “I couldn’t spell Playstation!”

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