Friday, January 22, 2010

10 Things that would make Women Happier (poll)

January 2009 Real Simple Poll:

Real Simple surveyed 2,600 women and men on their keys to happiness – profound and otherwise.

10 Things that would make Women Happier:

1. A permanently clean home.
2. A luxury trip.
3. A big house.
4. Losing 10 pounds.
5. A great body.
6. Time for themselves.
7. A really romantic relationship.
8. Being smarter.
9. Saying “no” more.
10. A luxury car.

Differences on the man’s list:

6. A better sex life.
10. Having a personal assistant.
(men didn’t list ‘time for themselves’ or ‘say no more’)

My thoughts on the subject:

I agree with six out of the ten things on the women’s list. The four things I don’t need/want are: a big house (there’s something to be said for coziness you know!), to lose 10 pounds. I guess I’d be happy to stay at about 115 pounds for at least a few more years. As it is, I tend to only fluctuate by about 3 pounds or so. I don’t really have a problem saying no, but it’s more that not many demands are placed on me outside of work. Being “child free” immediately frees me up from so many responsibilities except for the occasional job of babysitting my sister’s kids. I also don’t need a luxury car. I’m still not sure what kind of car I would want if money were no object. It would be nice to have a chauffer though sometimes! I agree with the men in that, I definitely wouldn’t mind a personal assistant! (to help me finally sort/archive all my photos, negatives, and slides).

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