Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Top Ten Memorable Moments in 2008

After reading Rick Steves' Top Ten Memorable Travel Moments, it inspired me to compile my own list. The reason they're not numbered chronologically, is because I thought I'd list them in the order in which I thought of them, and then add numbers so you could see the order in which the events actually occurred.

3) Seeing a Broadway play (“A Chorus Line”) in NYC
4) Visiting Liverpool (home of the Beatles)
1) Getting snowed in at the beginning of March!
2) Seeing “The Police” in concert at Nationwide Arena
7) Having our power out for 3½ days in September!
5) Attending 2 funerals & celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary all in the same week!
10)Seeing the Rockettes at Nationwide Arena
9) Seeing the election returns and discovering that Barack Obama had won
6) Attending my 20th (Madison) High School reunion
8) Visiting Kent State University on Homecoming wknd 2008

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