Friday, October 31, 2008

Taking Time to Enjoy Favorite old Rituals…..

This past Tuesday was the annual airing of “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.” As I had seen a commercial (while at the gym, since we normally fast forward over them when at home) advertising it, I actually remembered and sat down to watch it. However, I really only caught about half of it because I was doing my daily “moving things around” ritual. Remembering that we had half a bottle of wine that needed finishing, I poured myself a glass before sitting down.

It felt really strange to be watching a kid’s TV special while drinking an adult beverage, but proceeded to do it nonetheless. It was nice to watch it live for a change, not remembering the last time I’ve done that. It would have been even better if I didn’t have to mute all the political commercials in between, but I suppose it comes with the territory this time of year.

I was reminded of that evening when I read this in Slate today: Like the columnist, I feel a bit nostalgic for the past and know what she means when she says, “…I can never see these wonderful specials again for the first time.” I think the Peanuts specials should be mandatory viewing and a time for families to sit down and enjoy them together. Somehow, I doubt that happens in many households across America, at least not these days, and I think it’s kind of sad.

Anyway, we had Beggar's Night in our town last night (10/30) and I probably only got about a dozen or so of the little buggers. Unlike last year, there didn't seem to be any older kids - like 12 or 13 year olds pushing their luck on their last year of going out. There were at least 2 or 3 with "Scream" masks - one very high tech one with blood that dripped down it. Very creepy indeed! (no wonder our cat scooted out of the way when most of the trick-or-treaters came to our door). They certainly seemed a very polite bunch. When I told them they could help themselves, most took only one thing and reminded their siblings they were only allowed one each. Later in the evening I had to force them to take more so I wouldn't have any leftovers. At the end of the alloted two hours, all I have left is a small bag of Starburst candy -not a favorite apparently.

Speaking of little buggers, tonight I will be photographing 21 of them at my sister's Halloween party. I encouraged her to do this last year, but she decided to take me up on the idea this year. I have been hired (to be paid in candy) to photograph the kiddies in their costumes. It has also been requested that I use as many special effects as possible (and use a digital camera so they can see the photos instantly afterwards). I look forward to the challenge and only hope I won't be elbowing my way past 21 sets of parents.

Also, my friend's husband suggested we buy bags of Goldfish crackers to hand out. I bought a Pepperidge Farm multi-pack (regular crackers, pretzels and cookies), but found that the children strongly preferred candy since they were less likely to get that from their parents. I guess I'll nix that idea for next year! (though I did manage to get rid of them all).

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